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Client Feedback

To Grey Pebbles

Engenya is an Engineering company which works with very notable names like NASA and Halliburton. It is thus important that our website needs to reflect this level of business. The fully editable site is perfect for our needs, thank-you..

Kind Regards, Engenya


logo design for Flour Flies Nature Farm
Dear Grey Pebbles

Thank you for our beautiful logo. The image really portrays who we are. We are also very impressed with your prompt and friendly service.

Kind Regards,


Website design for Brides Only
To Grey Pebbles

I have had excellent dealings with Grey Pebbles. I've been dealing with Rene, Sabine and Sandra for the past year now, and have always gotten a quick response to my queries. The service has been professional and very helpful. They have all gone the extra mile to ensure that I am satisfied with the end product.

Thank you so much.



Brochure design for Monate Lodge
Dear Grey Pebbles

We at Monate have received great service from Grey Pebbl