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Graphic Design

Grey Pebbles Design Studio offers a professional Graphic Design Service.

Below are some of Grey Pebbles logo designs. We have also listed other designs we have created in the past.

Corporate Identity

Je T'aime Photography
Je T'aime Photography required a logo that looked elegant and classy. The logo also had to portray it's name by showing the romantic subject of the photographer's work. The logo has two elements, the image and the text, which can be used separately or together. At the time Je T'aime did not have their own corporate identity which meant that the graphic designers had to create all elements from the start. As always three options to choose from were given and these were then evaluated by the client to choose the existing logo design.
Blue Apple Investment Holdings
Blue Apple Investment Holdings required a logo that reflected the name of the company yet at the same time did not create confusion as to their core business. The graphic designers created some abstract vector examples which embodied the name but which ensured that the logo image would not be misunderstood as belonging to a specific industry e.g. natural products. The font was chosen together with a logo which does not have fine and complicated elements to allow its use on various materials including clothing without compromising clarity. 
Pretoria Diplomatic Association
Pretoria Diplomatic Association. The logo symbolizes the diplomatic community which resides in Pretoria. The logo had to have an African feel and show the social connection between the different cultures living in Pretoria. For this three figures were used which represent the different cultural groups poised over the Jakaranda Tree, a traditional symbol of the Jakaranda City itself. Complex graphics were design and then edited and cut to create a visually appealing and representative logo. The "reef" serves to illustrate the African culture and People embracing the PDA community.
@ Work Business Consultants
@ Work Business Consultants. A modern, corporate and creative logo was required using dynamicl colours. Grey Pebbles Design Studio proposed a logo which included striking features, such as the orange sun and the abstract landscape to accentuate the modern feel and the dynamic nature of the company. A blend of straight lines and curves give a sense of diversity which is in sync with the company itself and its ideals.
Badges Unlimited
Badges Unlimited is a button badge manufacturer which supplies both "small" individuals or large industry clients. The requirement was for a logo, which encompassed both a fun and professional feel. Bright colours were used to accentuate the company's image and to create a logo which would draw interest at first glance. Grey Pebbles Design Studio, is creative design.
How do you display professionalism but at the same time seriousness and a modern outlook? By combining the right colors and design, that's how. For Belloord, the three figures were not only idealized to accentuate that this is about people but also to show that one would be special and catered for. The slogan was added to confirm the message that the client matters. In the slogan, emphasis was to be put on the name with the slogan clearly appearing as a removed part thereof. The idea was that both could exist on their own with a visual reference to the logo.
A box cut is a small open cut created to provide a secure and safe portal as access to a decline to an underground mine. The client wanted an image of a boxcut to be used in the logo design. Grey Pebbles chose the metallic palette to complement the mining industry. The logo's graphic aspects were carried throughout the website creating a complete and holistic corporate identity for the company. This was later carried through to print media in the form of pamphlets and other marketing materials.
Choose Me
Grey Pebbles Design Studio was commissioned to create a full Corporate Identity with full CI specs for Choose Me Employment, an innovative recruitment agency. The logo was designed to emphasize the job seeker being noticed and being cared for by the agency. Colors were chosen to retain a corporate yet modern feel. The slogan in the logo also accentuates the word "Me" which gives the first time viewer a sense of importance and personal care.
The Christmas Shop
Embodying the wish of all of our inner young ones, The Christmas Shop is where the image of Santa lives all year round! The Christmas Shop required a design based on creative design but also touching on a conservative approach to cater for all. A black and white design was chosen and through a combination of creative design and commercial outlook, The Christmas Shop's image was created. Grey Pebbles designed all of the design elements found in the design.
Chromecrete Ready Mix
How do you turn concrete into a two-dimensional work of art? Firstly, you rely on the best creative designers and logo designers in the industry. Then you get the gist of what is required and that creates the Chromecrete Ready Mix logo. Chromecrete offers a range of ready mix products for all of your needs. The corporate logo was idealized with the central theme being the concrete mixer to accentuate an all embodying service.
Coffee Café
Coffee Café. Branding changes often bring new challenges. The client, Coffee Café required a Total Re branding and Corporate Identity Design solution which consisted of new logos, shop branding, signage design and implementation, menu designs and all related graphic media. As with any corporate identity design and or branding design, the client's Corporate Identity was accompanied by a full CI Specs (Corporate Identity Specifications) document in order to accommodate any future printing or development which might be required.
Computer Doctors
Computer Doctors, as the names states, Computer Doctors is a company of highly skilled and experienced IT personnel whose sole mission is to look after the health and well being of your IT Infrastructure. They keep up with the latest developments in the IT world, so that you don’t have to. That was the message and what better way than to employ a professional graphic designer to create this by combining a medical feel with an obvious topic as enforced onto the observer by this clear and concise logo. The colours chosen were congruent with the company corporate identity.
CORE Management Solutions
Core Management Solutions is about core services and solutions. Core Management was provided with this modern logo, symbolizing the "core aspect" of their business . This logo is playful in a sense. The logo has two key elements: The sphere which can be used as an icon on it's own and the text logo with slogan which can also exist on its own depending on the application. The sphere was to embody a holistic yet specific approach to the company business. The Yin and Yang concept was used to embody this with the green elements attracting the eye to a "specialist" area.
Dullstroom Trading
Dullstroom, a tourist paradise is symbolized by green rolling hills, valleys and rivers which feed this earthly paradise. Dullstroom Trading requested the design of a logo which would show a clear connection to Dullstroom itself. It was decided to use a variety of colors to create an image representative of Dullstroom and to then cut this image and recreate it into a more "work" orientated creative design. The result was the logo on the left.
The EMC Consulting Engineers logo truly embodies all of the client's requests. The image was designed by the GP Graphic Designers to meet all logo design criteria while at the same time combining all of the elements requested by the client. Related corporate colours were combined and the letters E, M and C clearly appear as part of the logo image while at the same time, the company's resource: it's people are clearly portrayed. This CI ( corporate identity ) design fully met all of the clients needs.
Engenya offers a multidisciplinary engineering and technology management service that is focused on achieving cost effective and innovative solutions for its clients. The client wanted a modern yet simplistic logo with shades of green and blue.The challenge was to create a logo which could be used in all aspects of engineering as the company is involved from Space research to Oil exploration to simple daily engineering. A sphere always emphasizes a complete "world approach" while the embedded E reminds one of the company name when the sphere is used alone.
Ezekiel TV
Ezekiel TV broadcasts Christian based messages and required a design which would be acceptable to all while simultaneously indicating the fact that the message is world-wide and not localized. The inclusion of Planet Earth addressed this requirement while the chosen font blends in with the rest of the creative design. The dove a long known symbol of Christianity adds the final dimension to this logo by making the message loud and clear. The colors were chosen after completing a graphic design brief with the client and created the basis for a future corporate identity.
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