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Online Marketing

Analytics are increasingly important. It enables the tracking of visitors, allowing the analysis of search visits from paid search visits, where people go, what they purchase and where they leave. This has become a vital part of any SEO strategy. It is all about maximising the return of investment and feeding back to the client exactly what visitors are doing when they visit the site.

Market research is an important aspect of a sound optimisation strategy and we have unique methods that allow us to see what is searched for each month for any industry. In addition, our knowledge of proprietary information from sources such as Google allows websites that we work with to get listings for search terms that are being used by potential customers.

Please have a look at the following graphs depicting our online marketing campaign promoting our website. These examples show graphs from Google Analytics expounding the number of visitors per month.

The graph below compares the number of visits between the month of August and September:

This graph depicts new visitors to the Grey Pebbles website:

This graph illustrates how many of the visits were through search traffic:

The graph below reflects how many return visitors Grey Pebbles had for the month of September:


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