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Web Design

Grey Pebbles Design Studio is a web site design company based in Europe, born out of the need for an effective wed design solution.

Our current ability allows for any facet of web design and development. Though much emphasis is put on the graphic appeal of web media, we ensure that functionality does not take a back seat.

At Grey Pebbles we firmly believe in providing the client with a service that he/she needs. Our consultants can guide you through the web creation process or simply propose improvements to an existing website.

Website Portfolio
National Heritage Council
National Heritage Council
The National Heritage Council of South Africa. A portal for tradition and cultural exposure of South Africa's rich and often forgotten heritage wealth. A complex system incorporating the best in code re-use and template design, on the backbone of PHP and a number of MySql Databases. The CMS allows the NHC to run an intranet, extranet and also combine their web and admin requirements all into one platform. Extensive usage of Google based tools was also employed.
University of Venda
University of Venda
A massive web development project consisting out of more than 300 pages, the University of Venda website is an excellent example of how Html, Php, Java get combined to create a visual spectacle with great functionality through a Php Content Management System CMS. All graphics had to be recreated by our creative designers while also making use of photographic services to create the visual spectacle. All aspects of the site are CMS managed.
Blacksteer Restaurant Chain
Black Steer Restaurants
A dynamic and complex project, Blacksteer required the use of complex Flash, sound and even the creation and integration of a "game" for the younger generation. Apart from that, illustration was required in various areas to create specific graphics. Grey Pebbles Design Studio created this solution for their advertising agency and it was used until the recent re-branding of the franchise. Grey Pebbles Design Studio also created a variety of marketing materials using this platform.
Jamaican High Commission
Jamaican High Commission
Jamaica and South Africa share a relationship that is strong and deeply rooted in close political, cultural and fraternal bonds. The Jamaican High Commission required a web site design which included Php customised CMS (content management system ) elements, Php newsletter modules, Flash design, Html design and Java. The site is an effective tool for the High Commission enabling them to communicate with a wide audience and to deliver their message.
Advanced Loans
Advanced Loans offer loans against assets that have value while not requiring credit checks to conduct affordability assessments like the banks do. Advanced Loans has rebranded to Xcelsior Loans. The site required a CMS - Content Management System which allowed the company to manage their online systems from anywhere in the world. Good Html design, Php programming and connectivity to social media such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace allow for a wide field of connectivity. (discontinued)
Italian Chamber of Commerce
Italian Chamber of Commerce web design
Italcham's mission is to promote, develop and encourage trade and commercial activities between South Africa and Italy. A full CMS website was developed which allows the client to update their site as and when required. This is a very interactive site using an events manager, news feed and newsletter system. There are links to all of the social networks created with an onsite link builder as well as registration facility for people wanting to become members of the Italian Chamber.
Cedar Paint

Cedar Paint is a well respected manufacturer of Decorative Paint, Primer, Undercoat, Waterproofing and Industrial Coatings. This website offers a flash intro, php gallery and an interactive map. the Php 5 gallery allows the company to create their own online catalog and display their products in true CMS - Content Management Form. The Html based graphic design was required to be striking yet at the same time simple and effective reflecting the company's corporate identity.

Civilcon is a CMS - Content Management Site fully programmed in Php which can be hosted on a Linux or Windows server. Civilcon (Pty) Ltd is an award winning multi-disciplinary civil engineering contractor and the leading manufacturer of pre stressed precast beams in South Africa. This site was fully customized and does not make use of any prexisting CMS or open source software in order to tailor the unique needs of the company through intelligent coding and design.
Cupboard Warehouse

Cupboard Warehouse has developed a reputation as a leader in the market for kitchen and bedroom cupboards. This web site features a CMS base (Content management System) which was fully tailored to the customer's needs and which also allows the upload and management of images in the gallery. All coding was in Php 5 backed with a solid Html base. The CMS allows the creation of menus and sections as well as new pages at the touch of a button while Macromedia / Adobe Flash was used to enhance the look and feel of the website. A submission & contact form with an included Recaptcha is included.

Training with Stef

Personal, training, health and fitness at their best, Training With Stef offers tailored programmes as well as personal training to people of all ages. This site required programming aspects in Php, opensource customization, grpahic design and photography to create a multi-media interactive website containing user sections, blogs and many aspects of today's social media sites. The site allows the user a full wordpress backend capability and also encompasses strong search engine optimization properties.

Engenya Consulting Engineers

Engenya Consulting Engineers is a multi-disciplinary engineering consulting company in Switzerland. The site is a full CMS (content management site) allowing the customer full control of the site's assets to create content as well as publish it as required. The CMS allows the user to create links, insert and edit images, create new pages, add and remove functions, enter seo terms (online marketing), create sections and facilitate many other functions without any prior knowledge of web systems.

Logo Air
Logo Air is a company that offers individuals, tour operators and companies the possibility of flying their own "tail" and to be able to advertise and promote their own airlinecharter service, business jet service amongst many other possibilities while not carrying the costs or administration requirements of such complex operations. This web site is a basic html site which also uses complex flash design and includes Google Gadgets in its body to enhance the site's offering.
Proteas Direct
The Proteas Direct and Flowers from Africa sites are two sister sites. The Proteas Direct site offers an online ecommerce solution in the form of an online shop. This shop allows the user to not only upload new products but also to manage the product range through a Php back-end program made simple through a WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) structure. The Flowers from Africa site offers a CMS system for the client to update information and thus both sites are interactive and fully customer managed.
Shirley's Creations
Shirley's Creations started out as a simple 3 page HTML site. However, Shirley realised the benefits of an on-line shop. Shirley's Creations is all about the diverse silicone moulds she creates to make a range of sugar icing decorations. The online ecommerce solution allows the company an unrestricted web presence in the online ecommerce environment. Programmed in Php 5 language, the online shop Grey Pebbles created is at the forefront of ecommerce technology.
Training With Stef
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