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Online Marketing and SEO - Tell them all!

The first question to ask is: what is SEO? In short, SEO is the practice of using onsite techniques to increase the quantity and the quality of traffic which reaches your website.


Think of this: in the early years of the internet there were a handful of websites. If you had a website then, you would have been easy to find. Now however, there are literally billions of websites and you are not that easy to find.


Search engines index sites according to their value to internet browsers and users. Apart from good content, optimizing your content and onsite “invisible” code ensures that you are favored by those search engines and become easier to find.


Secondly, what does optimizing mean? Websites are created by writing code which then tells your device to show what the code defines. That same code is used to identify and index the site. The job of the SEO services provider is to continuously monitor the internet, the traffic statistics and all related data to understand when, where and how that code needs to be adjusted and changed to ensure that your site relevance continues to increase.


Apart from optimizing this hidden code and as well as listings on internet directories, attention is also given to supplying you with words, phrases and content that would enhance your websites search engine position.


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