Web Design

What is Web Design?

Web Design means the complete creation of a website i.e. that could be an html site complete with graphics or a fully programmed website in Php (Programming Hyper Protocol) and not only the creation of applications or other programmed sections.

Web Design can be offered in both a RENT or BUY option. With most web design, Grey Pebbles requires you the client to provide the necessary content. Where the client cannot supply content e.g. text in relation to your business, organization or other; images of your business, organization or other, Grey Pebbles can create these through purchasing of imagery, offering photography of the object, making video materials and as far as written text goes, copy-writing.

The creation of content to be used on the web site will be quoted separately from any prices shown on these pages as each web site is different.

Which option would you be interested in?

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