Online Marketing

Online Marketing

If they do not know about you, they cannot make use of your services or products. It is that simple.

Simply putting a web site onto the world wide web, or simply putting a name on your store, is not going to let everyone know that you exist. When the web was in its infancy, there were less than 10 000 websites in the first year but today, there are billions.

How do people find you?

Through systems such as Google you might say. Sure but how does Google know where to find you? How does Google know how to attach relevance to your media?

Grey Pebbles offers two primary products for this:

    • Search Engine Optimization – the art of structuring your content to offer Google the “anchors” it needs to find you and to list you. This also concentrates on functions such as enhancing your page rank making you more appealing to potential customers;

  • Google Ads and Profile Management – The leading supplier of leads on the web, Google Ads are cost-effective, powerful and they actually deliver. Apart from this, the enhancement of your business profile is an important part of this modern wizardry.

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